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RE: Chebby! Help!

Whoah. Just making the (fairly obvious) point that if you're on a device (puter or mobile) that can post on the internet you clearly have the ability to listen to some internet radio, indeed at the same time. It's not like it's a complex or involved process. So I was going for the Luddite rather than liar angle. 


Btw, 'ordinary folk should be applauding me'? I'm sure you're living your life as best you can but that's more than a tad egocentric. 

I am the danger. 

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RE: Chebby! Help!


Apologies to you and others for the outburst. However, you clearly read my previous reply otherwise you wouldn't have asked. I did state clearly "practically every week the PC goes down, usually only for short periods. In addition we've had numerous power cuts..."

You have pulled me up on a number of occasions for not reading a post in its entirety, and that's what gave me the pip, amongst other non-forum related things....

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