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Alternatives to Tivoli Model 10+ as a bedside DAB radio?

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Recently bought a Model 10+ but having some issues with it and wondering if I'll have to think again. 

Looking for a bedside DAB radio that has an aux input.  What I really like about the Tivoli is the second speaker so both of us can listen without needing a high volume and it gives a decent soundstage in the room when not actually in bed. Unfotunately I've already passed on the Model 2 that was previously being used.


Key features -

Good reliable alarm function (I need different alarms for weekdays and weekends and for it to 'automatically' set - i don't need to specifically turn the alarm on each night.  Tivoli was good on this - I'd previously relied on a plug in timer)

Size (needs to be small)

Appearance (needs to look good)

Sound quality (goes without saying BUT the won't compromise on the other specs for better sound).  This is where the second speaker on the Tivoli's really helps.  

Display (readable at night but not too bright.  Tivoli fails badly here - even on the dimmest setting it's too bright so has to be kept off meaning I need somethign else as a clock). 


Any suggestions?



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RE: Alternatives to Tivoli Model 10+ as a bedside DAB radio?

So (apart from bright display) what are the issues you've got with the 10+  ?


If the display is too bright, just stick a little bit of coloured/tinted plastic film over the front to dim down the display. This will do the trick.


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RE: Alternatives to Tivoli Model 10+ as a bedside DAB radio?

I'd say look at the Pure Chronos II, but it may fall at the first hurdle as it ain't the smallest.

On the plus side it has 4 alarms (either: Once, weekdays or weekends), CD or iPod (depending on the model you want), Aux in, headphone socket, auto dimming display, It even has a USB socket on the top which I use to charge my HTC phone (not sure if this is specific to the CD version or not though).


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RE: Alternatives to Tivoli Model 10+ as a bedside DAB radio?

Just to confirm the iPod / iPhone version also has a USB socket at the top, and I agree with Chris it is a unit worth considering (tho I don't personally use it as an alarm). 


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