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Good amplifier to play music from Spotify?

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Hi all,

First of all apologies for my ignorance regarding hifi questions. I am new to hifi systems and not a techie person at all.

I am planning to bulid a hif system at home. Nothing spectacular, just a low medium  range system with floorstander speakers as my living room is quite big. the speakers will probabaly be the most expensive part of it so i was thining to get the Q Acoustics 2050i or mission MX3 ot Tannoy V4 as I saw good reviews here.

What I need then is an amplifier that meets the following requirements:

1. It can play music from Spotify or music stored in my PCs hard drive (as well as my old CDs and vynils so I would need to plug in a turntable and a cd player later on).

2. Ideally I would also like to play the internet music wirelessly (without wirng the PC to the amplifier) as I noticed that the jack connection in the PC is not very good and the sound quality out of it is not very good either.

3. Finally if the amplifier has a internet radio function that would be awesome (althoug this is more of a nice to have that a must have option)

Three questions for you:

1. How are this type of amplifiers called. I read names such as DAC, AV receivers, streamers and I do not know what is what so I am a bit confused here. What is the right term for this type of amplifiers?

2. What brands/models would you recommend that are not overly expensive (my budget would be 250-350 pounds) and fit well with floorstander speakers of the range above.

3. What do you think of the Pioneer VSX527. My local hifi shop has recommened it to me but I am not sure if that is a good option for me.

Thanks very much for your advise and sorry again fro my lack of knowledge here Smile



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RE: Good amplifier to play music from Spotify?

Onkyo TX8050 ticks all your boxes.  

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RE: Good amplifier to play music from Spotify?

I don't think there is an easy solution at this price, but Sonos make an amplifier with the streaming part built in with a very good quality DAC too. It should have enough power for your speakers, and in terms of ticking your boxes for usability, it does it with aplomb.

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RE: Good amplifier to play music from Spotify?

I have the yamaha 673 amp and it can do that. i also have the 2050i speakers and they are very good! miles better than the tannoy since i heard them back to back.


check ypu have space for the 2050i- they need to be min 30cm from the rear wall, min 50cm from a side wall and the space between the speakers must be between 2-4m.

a good amp to drive those power hungry speakers is the yamaha AS500 but you might need an add on to stream online music. most of the features you have described are found in an AV amp, but with av amps, you pay alot for the visual side of things so although it has more connections, sound quality in an av amp wont be as good as a stereo amp.


HIFI= Yamaha CDS300 CDP ----> Rega DAC-----> Yamaha AS500 Amp-----> B&W 684

Airport Express ------> Rega DAC-----etc..


Yamaha RX-673 ------> Q Acoustics 2050i