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DAC most suited to a Naim Nait 5i amp?

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Almost with a tear in my eye I pulled my lovely Naim CD5i out of the rack in order to dust it off and clean it for sale. It's a beatiful machine but I have to face facts that I never use it any more, streaming music instead and it's probably still worth £400 or so. If I sell that and my current rDAC I'll have about £600 to spend on an upgraded DAC.

Does anyone have any experience of using one of the three below with a Nait 5i? Or any other suggestions?

- Musical Fidelity M1DAC

- Rega DACX

- AudioLab MDAC


Is it safe to assume that at £600 and the most expensive the mDAC is the obvious choice?




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RE: DAC most suited to a Naim Nait 5i amp?

Roger - if you're doing that, have you considered getting the M-Dac (which has volume / pre-amp ability) and selling the Nait as well, replacing it with a pure Naim power amp (150x etc).  You'd get £1k probably for the 5i set-up, and could then get a M-Dac and 150x (second hand) for well under that.

Just a thought as I was toying with the above idea.

Alternatively, wait for the Arcam AirDac?


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RE: DAC most suited to a Naim Nait 5i amp?

Rega seem to match well with Naim.


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