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DAC for Denon CEOL?

What could I expect in terms of improvement, by adding a DAC to a Denon CEOL? I'm looking to be able to stream music via Bluetooth from my Android device? Any tips in terms of what model of DAC to go for?

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RE: DAC for Denon CEOL?

Improvement? Not much if any. Personally I wouldn't bother.

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RE: DAC for Denon CEOL?

You could plug in something like the little Arcam rBlink into an aux analog input on the back of your CEOL. 

It is very expensive (£159) for what it does, but has had good reviews.

Personally, I don't know why you'd buy an AirPlay system for a Bluetooth device.  Should plan these things and get a system with Bluetooth built-in in the first place.



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RE: DAC for Denon CEOL?

If you really wanted to go down the bluetooth dac route this is a lot cheaper than the arcam rblink and is well reviewed.


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