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Xiva MusicM8 - Backup issue

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 I have a Xiva MusicM8 NAS hooked up to a Sonos system. The MusicM8 is a fantastic product, but I am having issues trying to connect a backup Drive. I bought a Seagate expansion usb drive, but this was not recognised by the MusicM8

I have tried to format it to FAT32, using seagate software, but it is still not recognised.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: Xiva MusicM8 - Backup issue

I sent mine back as couldn't get the musicm8 to work properly at all with my logitech touch - turns out that it was running older firmware than the new logitech devices and no way to update directly from logitech website and would have to wait for them to upgrade their firmware but they could not put any time frame on this and since now closed down this division and no support although when they were around they weren't much better from my experience

I returned mine was easily the worsst product and experience i have had in the last 20 years in hi fi, IT etc

I know not very helpful but all I wanted to say is be careful if updating the sonus firmware as you could end up in trouble and left with a very expensive paperweight!