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Is Amarra any good?

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Does Anyone use "Amarra" media player and does it justify it price? What other media players are worth a punt?

Many thanks



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Re: Is Amarra any good?

Quick look No way $995 for a media player , it doesnt even play FLAC , use Itunes, Media Monkey or my favourite Foobar

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Re: Is Amarra any good?

I'm with Kena....dont know why it costs so much, maybe there are facilities that probably wont be used in playback so  just go with what kena suggested. No personal experience but why pay for it when you can get it for free....

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Re: Is Amarra any good?

They're having a laugh...


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Re: Is Amarra any good?

Amarra is bit-perfect on the Mac, which is not the case usually if you have files of different sample-rates since iTunes and Midi-Audio settings on the Mac only play at the specified setting and don't auto-adjust depending on the media being played.

 There is also an LE version of the software at 1/3rd the price I think.


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Re: Is Amarra any good?

I use this with my macbook.. www.channld.com/pure-music1.html  

15 day free trial too. whether its any better or worse than amarra, i dont know but its definately worth giving it a go. 

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RE: Is Amarra any good?

I'v used it for a few weeks. It seems some useful for improving sound.


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RE: Is Amarra any good?

Better invest that money elsewhere. Here's why: Amarra is aimed at studio mastering; playback is only a small part of its functionality.

It takes a lot of computing power and memory to have it running smoothly. Playback gains are audible, but there's more to be gaine if same money would be invested in amps or speakers.

Audio merits of Amarra would be in the 50-80 pound region IMO.


EDIT: other options would be to invest in rega dac. IMO there is more sound per pound gains in speakers, but as you seem already settled on rega speakers and amp, my next choice would be rega dac.


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RE: Is Amarra any good?

I use Channel D's Puremusic which is fantastic.

It improves the sound quality integrating with itunes on the Mac using it as just a player and processing everything through Puremusic.

It has a free trial period fully working for 15 days, so you can try and see, and is £86 for the full version with lifetime support and updates.

It has many other excellent features, here is the link which will explain all


Scroll to the bottom to see the comparison with Amarra... there is no comparison!

Highly recommended.