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EAC - problem(s)

I ripped all of my cds using EAC, and on the whole it's done a great job, but I like details to be exactly right, so I've been checking through, and I've found some problems. 

1. With my comps, I can find individual tracks under the artist name, except for the tracks from one album, which puts everything under various, even though it's been copied exactly the same way. Could it be the digital information on the cd is doing this, and if it is, is there a way round it using EAC?

MP3 Gain

I have my CDs ripped to MP3 320 kbps.

There is a big difference in loudness between some albums..As examlples, Ry Cooders Get Rhythm is quieter and Wilcos Summerteeth is louder than the average. This has me reaching for the remote when listening to a playlist.

Can anyone recommend an MP3 Gain programme?

I have two systems. One from laptop via usb direct to pioneer amp. one from laptop via usb to Behringer dac to Technics amp.


DVDRW On The Way Out?


Help a beginner! With PC audio

Have a large iTunes collection, mostly at 192, Then put what ever tunes I can fit onto my i things and steam my music to my hifi's via AXP,s, easy and sounds pretty good. 


Now looking at possibly using my new windows 8 based laptop as a more serious source, do I start running another iTunes in parallel and ripping lossless then get say the dragon fly USB thingy and connect it to my main hifi directy. Or should I be looking at some other better software and format for this? 

Does Volume Leveling Affect Bit Perfect

Given the compression wars and the vast difference between volume levels on new vs old recordings, does volume leveling in your software change the actual music in the rip, or is it more akin to moving the volume control?

Problems with pc digital into external dac (via ipad)

Hi All,

Sound differences in USB cables.

I know this is going to possibly start a new cable war, but here goes anyway:

I have been using a Chord USB silverplus USB cable since Christmas with pretty good results. Then when I was clearing out an old cupboard I came across a tatty old USB cable that I had used years ago with a printer. Just for the hell of it I swapped the cables, and I know there shouldn't be ('coz it's digital, right?) but there is definitely a difference and to my surprise, I prefer the sound of the tatty printer cable. It is cleaner, more focused and the bass is tighter.

16-bit files with higher sample rate

If you have a 24-bit (96 kHz) audio file which you want to use also on a piece of equipment which only works with 16-bit, in converting the file, does it makes sense to stay at 96 kHz? Or is there no point in going above 44.1 kHz with a 16 bit file?

HD Tracks in the UK

UK release of HD tracks has been widely trailed for Q1 2014. It's now the 21st of March and no sign yet. Anyone know anything? And are the rumours of 24 bit Springsteen back catalogue, likely to be realised? 

It's official (sort of) 24-bit audio is bunk (sort of)!

Sort of...


Hat tip to Clare for the link.