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Aktimate mini plus airport express

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I have just bought a setup of Aktimate minis and Atacama Nexus stands, plus Airport express with music coming from Itunes on my laptop.

I love it.

 Has anyone got any suggestions how to get the final 10% out of this. I am in the process of reripping my CDs to apple lossless. This makes a big difference..

1. Is it worth changing the speaker cable that came with the Aktimates ?

2. Can I use a toslink cable with the Aktimates. I am using a standard 3.5mm to 3.5mm phono cable at the moment.

3.If I can't use toslink, which would be a good quality phono cable to get. I would spend upto £40 on a phono or toslink cable.

4. Could I use a DacMagic and what difference would it make to the sound?

Thanks everyone