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Airport Express and BT Homehub 2

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Has anyone got any experience of connecting the two? Although it's been in my possession for several months, I haven't needed to use it as Hub 1 has been doing a decent wireless job for a few years now. On a whim, and without much thought to any possible difficulties, I unpacked the sleek black hub and plugged it in. All was going swimmingly, my Mac and the Hub got along instantly,until I tried to stream to the AE. Nothing doing. A quick search on said connectivity issues reveals a whole swathe of problems between the two devices. A cursory scan of a few Mac-specific forums didn't offer much enlightenment, so I simply unplugged it and went back to the old Homehub. I thought the newer hub could maybe improve the occasional drop outs we suffer when online, and with the PS3 & AE, but I haven't got the patience or know how to work out what's wrong. Can anyone offer any shortcuts if I try the newer hub again?


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