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24bit DVD Audio / Dual Disc

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Like many people, I have started downloading some excellent 24/96 tracks which quite frankly just put CDs to shame. Given this new found love of high definition, I have started trying to track down DVD-Audio discs and CD/DVD DualDiscs. DVD-Audio discs tend to command quite high prices but DualDiscs can be found on Amazon and others for under a fiver.

Examples of recent purchases are The Beatles 'Love Album' Double Pack CD/DVD (Play £9.99), Keane 'Hopes and Fears' (DualDisc £3.99 Amazon), Bon Jovi 'Slippery When Wet' (DualDisc £3.99 Amazon). All these have lovely 24bit/96khz PCM audio which can be converted to flac and stored on a media server.

One caveat with DualDisc is that all Sony/Epic titles only have 16/48 so called "enhanced" PCM stereo because they did not want the audio to rival SACD, but most others have high defintion audio.

My question is does anyone know of any other good DualDiscs that I can try and source which have 24/96 PCM stereo on them ?