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Sonos Play 1

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I  am thinking about replacing my Yamaha hs8 with the sonos play 1 that i just have heard in hifiklubben (hifi club) in Denmark, the play 5 had more bass, more warm sound, but i didn't miss anything with the play 1, no bright sound and i wasn't thinking about the bass before i heard sonos play 5 that has build in subwoofer.


Has anyone some experience with the sonus play and how  music is comming out of the speakers, what you need, if it will work with all routers,modems.


Does anybody know how loud they are, and what frequency responce they have?


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RE: Sonos Play 1

I think you need to first go to the Sonos web site and see how the Sonos system works and how it needs to be connected to a router.