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Professional Ripping Service - How much is fair?

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RE: Professional Ripping Service - How much is fair?

It's expensive as the companies don't dare keep a pre-tagged set of FLACs as they'd be taken to court for copyright.

So they have to take the time to re-rip the same disc over and over for each new customer rather than build up a library and take moments to match against the set of discs supplied by each customer.

If they had a library then most peeps collections will be the same old stuff, so the FLACs could be copied to a hard disk in a few seocnds.


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RE: Professional Ripping Service - How much is fair?

How would anyone know? The metadata auto fill would come from whatever database was used for the software, that data would be the same regardless of who originally supplied it and also there would be a fair amount of metadata correction involved, so creating your own library would seem reasonable. The data is afterall, already on the discs.

MusicBrainz has an open license, wouldn't this be possible in this instance?


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