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Playing large collections of FLAC files stored on NAS on Marantz MCR603

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I'm considering a Marantz MCR603 paired with some Monitor Audio BX2s. I am planning on hooking it up to my Synology NAS with various FLAC and MP3 files, via a PowerLine/HomePlug ethernet connection. I'm assuming this will be relatively straight forward (as I can already stream mp3,  but not FLAC to my Philips TV).

I have a lot of music on my NAS so navigation via the remote is probably not very feasible. What are the options here? I know you can use iTunes/AirPlay but I was hoping to avoid that (as iTunes doesn't support FLAC).  I have an Android Samsung Galaxy S2 phone that I was hoping to use. I know there is a Marantz Remote Control app for Android, but it doesn't seem to support the MCR603. I think there are some 3rd party apps (AVR-Remote for Denon/Marantz) that might do it, What are people using for navigating large music collections stored on NAS/USB etc? What are your experiences with navigation/search of large music collections as well as ease of generation of playlists etc.

There seem to be package deals about for the MCR603/BX2 combo, do people have any recommendations for site shipping to Dublin, Ireland? Has any one used https://www.audiblefidelity.co.uk there seems to be good deals there, or richersounds?