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LG NB3520A soundbar - poor bluetooth streaming

Having read the reviews in the magazine and had a brief demo in store I took the plunge on the LG soundbar. The first unit had to go back as the subwoofer was faulty. I have had the replacement just over a week . I am happy with the improvement it has made to the sound from my LG TV but the Bluetooth reception is disappointing.

I had a small Creative speaker before this that had no problem streaming music from our HTC one X phones or my wife's iPad 3. However,this LG soundbar seems to need the device to sit only a couple a feet away. If I sit with my phone in my hand in the arm chair,merely 2 or 3 metres away the unit will pair to my phone but will transmit little or no music. Is the manual's claim of10 metre range wishful thinking or is this second unit also faulty. Anyone having similar issues ?