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I can't play iPod videos on my laptop...

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I have taken some videos using my iPod Touch 5th Gen, and I have then copied & pasted the videos onto a DVD+RW disc.


But I can't playback the files from the DVD+RW disc on the laptop, it tells me:


"Windows Media Player cannot play the file.

The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file."


Is this because the iPod's codec's are different to the DVD's?


BUT the iPod video files work if I copy & paste the videos to the laptop and play directly from the laptop.


What's going wrong? And how can I play the videos on the DVD+RW disc on the laptop?



Many thanks!!

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RE: I can't play iPod videos on my laptop...

make sure you have quicktime installed.


As you trying to play it as a dvd, or just files from a dvd? 


If it's as a dvd you will have to convert the videos in to the dvd format, if it's the latter, just try right clicking on the file and open with quicktime.


Sounds like windows media player is trying to run the files as a dvd, not just treating it as a data disc.

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RE: I can't play iPod videos on my laptop...

I just clicked on 'My computer' then clicked on 'My iPhone' and kept clicking until I found my pictures and videos on the iPhone.

I selected and dragged a video onto the desktop.

Then I opened 'My music' and dragged the desktop icon for the video onto the folder symbol for 'iTunes'.

Opened iTunes and the video is now in 'Home movies'.

I can play it in iTunes (it uses QuickTime as previous poster said).



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RE: I can't play iPod videos on my laptop...

Make sure auto-play is set to Ask what to do

When auto-play runs, choose to open files

Double click the video you wish to play and all should be OK (If you want to play more than 1, highlight the ones you want then add them to the WMP playlist)

If you do not have a suitable codec installed (Although as it will run from the desktop you probably do have the required codec) search on Google for a Codec pack for your OS. (Once installed there is very little that WMP will not play)

Avoid QuickTime if at all possible, as these days it is a complete resource hog, and tries to take over your computer.

Hope this helps