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Sony BDP S790 problems setting up..lost Pro logic effects on SCLX85

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Have just upgraded from  SONY BDP S760 to the BDP S790.....what a great machine ,  Then when I started going through my favourite surround effects on my PIONEER SCLX85  I realised I could only get standard THX options...

Although the machine displays Neo or Dollby pro ..on disc start up these are unobtainable 

I have set up the 790 initially with 3d OFF and a single HDMI into the SCLX85......Audio settings are 

Audi/ HDMI                     Auto

BD audio                        off

dolby digital/DTS          Bitstream

DTS ?neo6                      off.....this outputs the sound with its original number of channels via the HDMI out jack

Audio DRC                      Auto

Downmix                          Surround

Have now tried the Video out direct to my projector from HDMI 1 and Audio via HdmI2 directly into the Av reciver...still the same.

Have even plugged my old player in to check all is right with the amp..and all effects are there !

What have I got wrong ???????   H E L P


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RE: Sony BDP S790 problems

Hi foggylad69 & welcome to the forum

My settings are as follows & works for me with my 790


Audio/ HDMI                   Auto

DSD Output Mode         Off

BD audio                        Off

dolby digital/DTS           Bitstream

DTS neo6                      Off

Audio DRC                    Off

Downmix                       Stereo


Regards ....




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RE: Sony BDP S790 problems

cheers F1only.  

  Had another play and reverted back to the single HDMI cable.

What I cant understand (  and this could pinpoint the problem ) when I load the BD and trailer starts up, my AV recivers in pro logic.

When the trailers start ,   Good day to die hard ..sound is Pro logic    next trailer is Taken 2  which reverts to basic THX options

Skyfall also back to basic THX.    Am I expecting something thats not there ?  Im confused . Com 


Pioneer  SC LX85,SonyBDP S790,Monitor Audio silver speakers. In Focus projector

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RE: Sony BDP S790 problems

It depends on the individual trailers as to what audio codec they have used. Does the main film audio display what it says on the tin?


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