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sony 360 software

Hi there, I'm in south africa and a friend of mine bought me a blu ray movie(avatar) from India but it won't play on my sony 360, I'm told there is a software I need to load from somewhere and download onto the player. Can anybody help? I'm reluctant to contact sony here in SA as I have found them to be clueless and uninterested. Would appreciate your assistance, many thanks

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RE: sony 360 software

Assuming the region code is the same it should play the BD you have after you plug the BD Player into the internet & check for a firmware update, it should do it automatically.



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RE: sony 360 software

India is region C and South Arfice is region B, So out the box it won't play the Blue-Ray , you could have the player (modded)  chipped but easier would be just a a South African copy of the disc.

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