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samsung bru ray ethernet socket

can anyone tell me what the ethernet socket is on the back of my samsung bd-p1600 blu ray player ??

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RE: samsung bru ray ethernet socket

? Err, it's a socket for connecting an ethernet cable to.

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RE: samsung bru ray ethernet socket

...enabling the player to access extra BD-Live content (where discs support this) via the internet when connected to a home network, update its firmware in the same fashion and even – depending on the model – act as a streaming client for content stored on the home network, or made available on the internet.

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RE: samsung bru ray ethernet socket

Apparently this model didn't come with Samsung's full Smarthub, but from the specs...."LAN connection gives access to BD Live features as well as firmware updates for your player.".


That said, found an Amazon review saying from 2009 saying: 

"The latest firmware upgrade, released September 3rd, gives the BD-1600 and all other 2009 models access to Youtube (provided your player is connected to the Internet of course) and the ability to playback .mkv and .mp4 files. Have just completed the upgrade and am still playing around with it. So far I'm quite pleased. Just a little extra to make the BD-1600 even more impressive."


If your router is anywhere close, worth a go ?

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RE: samsung bru ray ethernet socket

Smile  thanks guys have connected to network and have been watching youtube vids on the big screen . (after 8 updates though)

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