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Picture settings

Hi one and all. Wonder if anyone may help with a little issue I have with my Pioneer BDP 51 FD Blu Ray player. It seems to 'natively' provide a picture on my tv with horizontal black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. I've tried changing the settings several times and the only way I have found to get a full screen picture is to use the 'zoom' settings on the tv. Is this the way forward or am I missing a trick in the set up menus of the player. Any suggestions gratefully receivedLaughing

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RE: Picture settings

may be that the black bars give the image that the director wants you to see.  not all films are the same shape as the TV.

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RE: Picture settings

You need to set the DVD 16:9 out to "Pan and Scan" if you want the screen filling. But as Nads points out, it isn't what was intended. You will lose part of the picture.

By the way, it's in the manual (chapter 6), usually the best place to start.

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RE: Picture settings

Or alternatively you could buy one of these clicky Tongue out

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RE: Picture settings

Thanks a lot for the replies, they confirmed some of the other thoughts I had. Loved the link to the tv, if only...!

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RE: Picture settings

I like  1.85:1    :clap:

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