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Panasonic bdt 320 blu ray hickups



iam new to this forum (have been reading reviews on this site for quite some time though).


I have a problem...


When playing a BD (avatar for instance) my set displays a hickup.


My setup:

- Samsung ue 55 es 6800

- panasonic bdt 320 blu ray player (to replace my non-3D LG BD370) connected via hdmi.


Here is the exact problem: on the LG BD370 any bluray was super smooth, no hickups or judder. Avatar, Drive etc al played perfectly... but no 3D.

 So i bought the pana bdt 320 (got insane good reviews here) but now every 6 secs (or so) the image hickups. i play original bd's and i am going nutts! how can i get rid of this hickup


The problem accours on 1080/24p aswel as on 1080/60P, only on 60p mode its every 10 or so secs.


I live in Holland, so the TV is 200hz (not 240hz).


Thanks in advance for your advice and help


P.S. The 55 ES 6800 Rulles! ITs a baby ES 7000 with the chrome 8000 bezel and without the Smart interaction/speaking/camera/upgrade but imagewise there are NO differences: Best Samsung LED for your buck!

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RE: Panasonic bdt 320 blu ray hickups

Not a lot of brilliant thoughts here... 




Did a cross test and had the bdt 320 swapped ad my dealer. 


Tried it in the store on a ES8000 and an ES6340 and no trouble with hickups. Went home very happy.

Hooked de new bdt 320 up to my ES6800 and.... HICKUPS!!!


Tried mutiple HDMI cables, powercables and even tried different poweroutlets. no improvement...


Ok, so lets put the sharp lc 40 lx 705 on the stands: hooked up the pana bdt 320 and.... BRILLIANT! no trouble. Tried my bd 370 on the samsung es6800 and... Brillant, no trouble...


Put the pana bdt320 back, hooked it up to the samsung and.... hickups...


Going nutts!!

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RE: Panasonic bdt 320 blu ray hickups


Don't have either bits of hardware but suggestion:

Update TV, update BD player to latest firmware...

Turn all picture 'enhancements' on the TV to OFF.

Try BD again.



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