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Marantz UD7006 VS UD5005 DVD upscaling performance and stereo RCA audio quality

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Hello everyone,

I like to know if someone have made ​​a comparison between these 2 blu ray Marantz players:



In particular I would be interested to know the difference in terms of upscaling on DVD (I have no any blu ray disk for the moment) and in audio terms (stareo RCA output).

I can only listening in stereo (I don't have 5.1 speaker my room does not allow it) I would like to know if in this case (UD7006 or UD5005) should I use the DAC of my Marantz Pearl Lite SACD, as I do now with my current very old Arcam DVD player, or I could use the classic RCA output with blue ray (not sure if the difference is big).

There is someone who knows both these player ?

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RE: Marantz UD7006 VS UD500

The UD 7006 is the superior player for both video (has the Anchor Bay chip) and audio.


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