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Bought my first BD player!

Seeing that I bought SWMBO some blu rays for Xmas, thought I better buy a player lol.
I managed to find a Samsung BD-C5500 going cheap.
Just about the only thing I haven't done with it so far is watch blu rays lol.

First thing I did was install the lastest software updates, of which there were quite a few, and on the app-front I've downloaded iPlayer and Plex, which allows me to stream content from my Mac. Clever stuff, and it works quite well

What don't I like? Navigation for one thing. Navigation through the apps and menus on this player redefines the meaning of the word "slow".

I also don't like the fact that I can't change the 'recommended apps' on the homepage, while my favourites are buried away on another screen. I will never want to use Facebook, Twitter or Google Maps on a BD player so I don't want them on my home screen, but I can't delete them and replace them with something else like iPlayer and Plex. To rub salt into the wound, Google Maps doesn't even work anymore, its licence ran out in April 2012.

Overall it seems a decent enough player for the price, but browsing round the various support-forums it looks like it's only just become good with the latest software updates. Until then it seems it was quite a buggy unit which struggled with basic things, such as FF/REW not always working properly, and the screen-saver coming on when you were watching iPlayer, crashing the app.

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