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Blu-Ray player that can play it all

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I need some help. I am planning to get a mid range blu-ray player. I have already invested a lot on my audio setup so I am on a tight budget. What I need my blu-ray player to do other than playing blu ray disks is to play a huge amount movies I have stored on my hard drive. The movies are in flv, avi, divx, mp4 and mkv formats. I can choose between samsung c5500, pioneer bdp 140 and pioneer bdp 440. It s a weird list to choose from but they are the only budget blu ray players my dealer has at the moment.


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RE: Blu-Ray player that can play it all

Panasonic offer some very well priced players that will do all you ask too,I have the 320 & it is flawless as a media player & the 220 is the same but cheaper Smile