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Upgrading a Yamaha amp - is it worth it?

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Hi - I'd like some views on whether it's worth £200 to upgrade my AV amp. I'm wondering if there's really an improvement in sound quality to be gained.


The current amp is a Yamaha DSP-AX463, and I'm considering the Yamaha RX-V671.


The system comprises a Rotel RCD-06SE CD player with Dynaudio Audience 42's at the front on Atacama stands connected with Chord Carnival Silverscreen cable. This doubles as a home cinema with a PlayStation 3 (with Mission MX1's for rear and Gale centre and sub), so that's why I need an AV amp.


Both the DSP and the RX have 192KHz/24-bit Burr-Brown Dac's, but will the much newer RX have significantly better components overall that make the upgrade worthwhile? I don't really need any of the fancy feature such as DTS Master Audio decoding, as the PS3 does all that - it's the stereo hi-fi clarity that I'm keen on. I like a natural sound, as close as possible to the source.


Thanks for looking, and I appreciate your time in giving your view.