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Receivers. Difficult choice

Hi ! I want to build a home theater. Help me choose from four receivers

Onkyo TX-NR5008
Integra DTR-50.3
Marantz SR7005

Speakers will be: front and rear - Mythos They
Centre - Mythos Eight


From the audio I want to achieve good sound in movies and in music

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RE: AV receivers

From my experience Yamaha or Denon go well with Definitive Technology speakers.

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RE: AV receivers

If available, Pioneer should be on your list (SCLX 75).

As to which....that's hard to advise without knowing your taste in music and the type of sound you like.

Out of your list, and without being familiar with your speakers - the Marantz - but that's a shot in the dark.


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RE: AV receivers

At that price level, a demo is in order - is that possible?

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RE: AV receivers

First of all I want to say thanks to all responded to the topic. Pioneer is not suitable, because he is not playing .flac

I listen to all music styles. Music fan, but like most dance music or heavy, in general, one that sounds with drive.


By price range I am guided by the same prices as above devices


Error in first message: Speakers will be: front and rear - Mythos One

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