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New set up. Need help choosing AV and floorstanding speakers.

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Im just looking to buy AV reciver and floorstand speakers. Don't  have much money mad as Im looking to buy home.

I was looking at the Pioneer or Harman Kardon AV. Pioneer VSX-922-K and the HK AVR360. Are they any good??  

And what speakers with the AV ? I was looking at the Tannoy Mercury  V4, Q Acoustics 2050i or Dali Zensor 5 or 7?? 

What I expect from them is to get nice clear sound and deep bass(subwoofer will come later Smile  )


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New set up. Need help choosing AV and floorstanding speakers.

The Pioneer you mention has had its review downgraded to 3 stars in the wake of new releases so you may want to consider the Sony STRDN 1030 instead.

Given the favourable reviews of the Q Acoustics speakers I would expect the performance to be pretty good but to be certain I would try to find a dealer able to demo them for you.


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. Need help choosing AV and floorstanding speakers.

I demoed the HK amp you mentioned. I really didnt like it. It was way too warm for my tastes. It was to the point of being a little muffled, it was that warm. Also, because of that, it lacked any level of attack. I used a scene from 'The Dark Knight' for my demo and there were bullets flying everywhere and explosions all over the shop and the HK just didn't convey any of the excitement of the scene.Nothing jumps out of the speakers. A real disappointment, because it's a nice looking amp.


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