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Modern AVRs and Video Processors...?!?

Hi fellas,

I had a query about modern AVRs. They all seem to come equipped with Hi-tech video processors like HQV Vida, Marvel Qdeo etc. I understand they can upscale DVDs and make them look better etc.

But can they also make any impact on and improve...

1. Bluray Discs... i mean isn't a Bluray disc alreay at the highest quality possible by default ?

2. HD channels delivered via Cable/Sattelite. I belive the HD feeds from the cable box are @ 1080i or 720p. 

Do the video processors like HQV Vida, Marvel Qdeo improve the above in anyway ?



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RE: Modern AVRs and Video Processors...?!?

My processor has a QDEO video processor in it, but to be honest, I don't use it. Not that I wouldn't, but I usually pass through video signals with as little processing as possible, preferably untouched. If your receiver has a decent video processor, I think you'd get better advances in quality by concentrating on the quality of TV/PJ being used, and looking into calibration.

I don't really think you're going to get any difference at all with Blurays - obviously you can get rid of grain and stuff but you'll end up with a soft picture - but you'll not improve the signal. You'll probably see more benefit with DVD sources and compressed broadcast video signals.


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