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Is it time to upgrade from my beloved Denon AVR-2801

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I very recently bought a Samsung UE55D8000 LED TV which is now making me question the other elements in my system.

The biggest problem I have is lip sync/sound delay now that I am using the HDMI from my DVD player (Denon DVD-2910) to TV and using the co-axial digital out from the DVD player into the AVR-2801. Basically the sound (Dolby Digital) from the AVR which always amazes me as to how good it is, now arrives way before the TV has resolved the video feed and I cannot slow it down as the DVD player won't delay it.

For the time being I have taken an optical cable from the TV back to the AVR to retrieve the sound and this way I can sync it using the digital delay SPDIF settings on the TV for the HDMI channel. However, the TV will only send the audio back in PCM rather than bitstream, so no DD or DTS. This issue I believe to be that of the DVD player only being HDMI v1.1 and it won't broadcast bitstream via the HDMI port. I have tried updating the firmware for the DVD to no avail.


So the question is: do I replace the DVD player? do I replace the AVR-2801?


Alternatively, could it be that the TV won't pass through bitstream from the HDMI input whatever new DVD or Blu Ray I might put through it? However, this doesn't make sense for the TV will pass bitstream from the HD tuner built in to the AVR and it arrives in perfect DD/DTS.


Any pointers? If new AVR... which one? If new DVD/Blu Ray... which one?