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Faulty Yamaha amp

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Have had our amp for about 6 weeks I guess. All was fine but last cpl of days we have had problems getting picture to display, but we got sound. Both amp and tv have arc hdmi. Apon investigation ive found its the arc socket on the amp as when I wiggle the lead the picture comes up then goes again. I thought it maybe a dodgy lead so tried 3 in all but got the same problem.

The amp is a Yamaha RXV671 and I have a Panasonic plasma.

I bought it online from Superfi.


I cant understand how it can fail as thr amp hasn't been moved since connected but it has. Will Superfi replace without any agro or do I have a fight on my hands?



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RE: Faulty Yamaha amp

Have you tried contacting them ? It does come with a 2yr warranty !

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RE: Faulty Yamaha amp

Yep I know that , but you hear so many stories on here of retailers not wanting to play ball I was just wondering what they were like.

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RE: Faulty Yamaha amp

Let us know what your experience is like. Generally, independent retailers like Superfi provide better service than the likes of Currys, Comet etc.


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