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Denon x4000

Any body got this receiver, what are your thoughts? I'm thinking of upgrading my 2113 to this model with the 3313 BD player...

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RE: Denon x4000

Can't speak specifically for this unit, but I have the current step up, the AVR4520 and I find it to be an excellent amp. In fact I prefer it to my old Onkyo TX-NR905, and that was widely regarded as being a class leader in its day.

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RE: Denon x4000

I bought myself one for christmas. I upgraded from a 2105, so guess sort of a similar upgrade to what you're looking at.

I'm not really good with the "hifi lingo" but I'll just say I couldn't be happier. The difference in sound quality far exceeds my expectations. I now finally realise what my Monitor Audio silver series is supposed to sound like.

I don't think you'll be sorry if you go with the X4000.


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RE: Denon x4000

This is out of my budget but I've always loved the dennon avrs. If I had that money I'd buy it 

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