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Buying decision £200-£300 final 3 in the race.

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My old Onkyo has finally given up the ghost (loud popping and crackling through front speakers and one rear channel is dead), to be honest it's been a pain all the time I've had it (about 3 years)...anyway, I've got to source a replacement.


Funds are limited (as always) but I've narrowed it down to 3.


Yamaha RX-V373 

Marantz 1403

Denon 2113


I only need 5.1 and it will be used mostly for Blu-Ray, TV and multichannel SACD playback via my Sony Blu Ray player (that's one of the things I did like about the Onkyo was it's ability to handle pure DSD straight to Analog over HDMI, guess I'll need to convert to PCM in the Player before sending it to any of the above choices)


Speakers are Mission Bookshelf and I'm going to purchase the Yamaha YSTFSW050 Subwoofer as well.


There only seems to be about £50 between all three of my choices but don't want to spend more than I have to.


All advice, suggestions welcome.


Thanks a lot in advance.


Mark Morb

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RE: Buying decision £200-£300 final 3 in the race.

If you can get it brand new in box my money would be on the Denon.


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RE: Buying decision £200-£300 final 3 in the race.

You can read my opinion about the Denon here in this thread




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RE: Buying decision £200-£300 final 3 in the race.


 Unless you're looking for a receiver that can upscale to 4k you should even consider the Denon AVR-2312 instead of the 2113. It's one of the best entry-medium range models Denon have made. Wink