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Problem with my Cambridge Audio amp...

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I got a new Cambridge Audio amp a few years back now, the Sonata DR30+ (great machine, definitely reccomend it to anyone). 


However, about a month ago it stopped playing out of the speakers. No warning or anything, just the next time I turned it on it wasn't working. I'm still using the same speakers and cables on a different system, and everything seems to work and play fine through the headphone slot. Literally everything works but it won't play game with the speakers. I've tried different speakers and cables, different inputs and everything, but that seems to be the sticking point. I'm using a very old system at the moment which means I need to change the aux cables every time I want to use a diferent seperate (not to mention the sound quality being less than ideal). 

Is this a common problem, or one that would be easy to fix at home? I'm at a loss at the moment, because the only place I've found (in Brighton) that will do HiFi repais is Richer sounds and they charge £40 just to look at it. That's probably not bad value but if it's something minor that I can sort at home I'd much rather (money's tight at the moment). 

Thanks for reading! 

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RE: Problem with my Cambridge Audio amp...

you must feel negected no one answering post . I know how it feels  even get mine deleted  . 


Anyway :  Can i make a suggestion as no one else is.  I fully understand the £40 for opening the box prediciment 


Have you got a little computer shop near you?  Go in have a word. These people are Generaly very clever and have fault finding equipment 


We have a shop near us run By Polish Brothers and they done some super work on a Nad c320 amp i bought on Ebay . Five new transitors . Told me how much each one cost. The price ranged from £5 to £20  and they charged me £20 labour charge I did not mind paying that at all.


For what its worth. I read your post again. About the speakers. The Nad had that problem. The guys showed me how they rectified this. But do not go crazy and try this yourself if you do not know what your doing.  In the Nad C320 There is a Red box its very small Forgive me. I Do not no a resitor from a transitor ok. But they took this out the board and replaced it and the speakers worked again.  They said this item is common and very available. I remeber now how the speaker problem started.  The headphone socket when you unplugged the headphones only one speaker would work . You have to push the headphone plug back in the socket and move it about withdraw it and if you were lucky both speakers worked once more. Now the cause of this was the Red box  needed replacing. the red box cost pennies .. 


If your out of options Give the computer  shop a go 


Hope that helps