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Free blu ray player issue

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Wasn't sure where to post this but would appreciate any advice - end of December I bought a Panasonic p50vt30 tv which came with a free 5 year warranty, 2 extra sets of glasses and a 3d blu ray player bdt110. When I collected the tv the blu ray was out of stock and I was told I would have one shipped to me when back in, I have now been told they won't be coming back in and my only option is a bdt210 but I would have to pay 69.95 which is the difference in price between the most current prices. I have just googled the 210 and found it for 119, im tempted to just leave it but feel a little bit annoyed at the whole thing especially the wait and am now unsure what to do. What to do? Thanks


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RE: Free blu ray player issue

if they couldn't guarantee supply of the advertised offer, then they shouldn't have offered it. They should now offer you the nearest equivalent current model, or give you a further discount to the value of the bdt110 (I'd try to push it & ask for the price of the bdt 110 when you bought the telly, but realistically you may have to settle for the price now).


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