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just put a hole in my favourite socks

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Re: devastated

Darn it! (double meaning......see?)

Oh well, now you can make it into a Fingerbob sock puppet.


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Re: devastated

Hole in one......

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Re: devastated

You are in the right place for sharing problems one off. I know how devasting it can be to lose a favourite piece of clothing. I have a shirt that has been on all of my foreign travels and there is no way it will ever be thrown out. I have favourite shoes as well and dont know what I will do when they fall apart. You will get over it and you will find new best socks.

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Re: devastated
one off:just put a hole in my favourite socks

Perhaps a good investment.....

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Re: devastated
one off:just put a hole in my favourite socks

How, out of interest? Were you fiddling with them again?

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Re: devastated

You were cooking socks again, weren't you? Stick out tongue (see what I did there?)

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Re: devastated
one off:just put a hole in my favourite socks

You mean you didn't have a hole in them already??? How did you get them on?

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