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6th.replicant wrote:

6th.replicant wrote:

Just in case anyone else needs to transfer an Android phone's contacts to an iPhone, here's the solution:

As discussed above, load the Android phone's Contacts into your Mac's Contacts / Address Book via Gmail. 

Next, open Contacts / Address Book on your Mac, click on any single contact to select it, go to Edit > Select All (Command-A) to select all contacts.
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Go to File > Export > Export vCard, and then save this file on your Mac desktop.

Send an email to yourself with this file attached.

Open the email on your iPhone and tap the attachment to import the contacts  :grin:

Oh, and in future, only edit / add to Contacts on your iPhone, not your Mac. If iPhone's Contacts is amended, iCloud will auto update your Mac's - but not vice versa, for some reason  :?

If you have a Googlemail or Gmail account on the HTC, and you contacts are put away there you could simply set up the same record on the iphone utilizing the Exchange mail choice, and it ought to draw through all your contacts.

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How do I transfer Contacts from an HTC Android to an iPhone?

From HTC to PC to my new iPhone (via Gmail) works perfectly.

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Dear friends,

Dear friends,

I have a recommandation for you.you can free trial Android to iPhone Transfer to transfer Contacts from HTC phone to your iPhone.you can have a try.Hope this helps!


Best regards



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