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Home button

Hello all,


I have an Iphone 4. I really like it, but one thing is really annoying me! The home button is responding badly. Sometimes I need to hit it 30 times before it responds. It seems you can calibrate it ( red it on another forum ) but it doesn't seem to help for my Iphone. Anyone else has this problem?

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RE: Home button

Ocean37 wrote:
Anyone else has this problem?

After 3 iPhones (3GS, 4 and 5), no.

Perhaps the key words in your post are... "hit it".

I've always just pressed it.

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RE: Home button

Yes - phone was still under warranty so took it into the local Apple shop and they replaced it straight away. Common problem from what I've read, usually caused by dust etc entering the phone from the dock connector... various "try at your own risk" suggestions on the interweb range from squirting some compressed air into the dock connector to giving it a good whack!

My OH's 3GS had the same problem and responded really to the software calibration trick...

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RE: Home button

The home button on my 4 failed.  For a while I enabled the software home button in the accessability menu, but eventually I bought the replacement part off of eBay for £2 and replaced it myself.  Replaced the screen whilst I was in there, that cost me £20.  Wouldn't recomend it unless you have some experience repairing small fiddly things, as it is small and fiddly Smile

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