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RE: Ipad mini

Having now seen the iPad mini I can say I'm rather impressed with it.

Compared to the competing 7" tablets, the 7.9" mini screen gives far more than that extra 35% screen realestate, particularly for browsing and for reading electronic versions of magazines.

In portrait mode there is obviously much more visable screen with more visable content on view, but in landscape mode there's more than half as much again and there isn't the need to zoom to read pages, as on the Nexus 7, which is pretty weak in this area.

I've also noticed that in real comparative reviews (not just repeating and pontificating on specs from a spec sheet), the concensus appears to be that the screen resolution spec differences aren't nearly as noticeable in practicle use, plus the Nexus screen is marked down for it's less saturated colours and poorer contrast, making it appear slightly "washed out" in appearance.

From practical experience with the Nexus tab, I'm inclined to agree with this. The iPad mini screen does look very good, even if it isn't as crystal clear as the retina screen on the bigger iPad, but at normal viewing distances it's not such an issue.


My first impression is that the mini looks to be a very attractive proposition. Justifying the extra cost over the cheaper, subsidised/loss making tablets will be a matter of personal choice, but at least you know where to go to get help and support if you have problems with it, unlike with the alternatives.


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RE: Ipad mini

Having the ipad mini what more can i say other than just right! couldnt be happier as far as ios goes what more can you ask for in such a small package. Ipad (ios) was built for portability other wise you would just use your macbook/computer which does everything a ipad can do but more.  For now ipad fits the bill for portabilty and function at least until someting better comes out ; ).

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RE: Ipad mini

I was rather excited about the device until I picked one up & looked at some of my flickr photos on it - oh dear. I won't be flogging my unwieldy iPad 3 to buy one. Every other aspect such as size, weight & thickness were fine.

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RE: Ipad mini

Had a play with the mini today, I liked the screen but didn't like the size, it is too small for my liking!

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RE: Ipad mini

I finally decided to buy an iPad, I went for the retina display version - there really is no comparison between the RD iPad and the iPad mini.

The iPad mini felt like a compromised product, sure the size and weight were nice but you can bet Apple have a retina display version in the pipeline for next year.

For now I would wait, if you can.

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RE: Ipad mini


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RE: Ipad mini

I am so glad I went for the ipad mini,instead of the full size ipad,I've always been a apple person,every time,but this little baby is wicked,have a look on youtube internet speed tests,it beats the full size ipad every time.


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