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Can you download DVDs onto itunes and then Ipad like songs??

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Apologies if this is not the right section of the forum.

I have about 6000 songs on my itunes that i painstakingly copied from all of my CDs onto my computer and then onto various ipods/ipad etc.

Can you do the same thing with films on DVD or this the only way to actually purchase the film on the itunes store??

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RE: Can you download DVDs onto itunes and then Ipad like songs??

If you're in the UK then currently, no, you can't legally do this. Having said that, the same is also true for music CDs (although the relevant authorities have said they won't actively be looking to prosecute people who rip CDs, but those same assurances have not been given for DVDs). However, the UK's out of date copyright laws are hopefully due to be examined soon to sort this out and make it legal to have a backup copy / fair use copy for streaming and mobile devices. Have a look through this thread for suggestions on your issue and the full up to date legal picture.

In terms of your question, it's not as simple a process of getting DVD rips into iTunes - you need a separate bit of software to get the video into a suitable format (MP4 is best bet) and then you can just import these files into iTunes. A good free product to look at for getting DVD rips into the correct format for iTunes is Handbrake.