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UK Galaxy Note 2 4g compatable

Does anyone know if the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is 4g Compatable in the UK. I was thinking of getting one on the T mobile full monty plan and switching over to EE if its 4G.

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RE: UK Galaxy Note 2 4g compatable

hi checked with samsung uk ..they really didn't seem to know but then said yes it would, contacted clove who have the item in stock  and they confirmed that it is only 3g and no plans for 4g model as yet

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RE: UK Galaxy Note 2 4g compatable

From what I could glean online it depends which network you buy it from, only one actually has the 4G version, the others all have the 3G version. Obviously I can't remember which network has the 4G one...

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RE: UK Galaxy Note 2 4g compatable

Well according to Samsung the Note 2 will be going on sale on 1st October 2012 in the UK (apparently available at the Samsung brand store in Stratford as well as with major carriers). It will be a 4G LTE version, but as only EE and Three (some time next year?) will be 4G/LTE capable, not sure how useful this will be for non-EE/Three users until they go 4G...

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RE: UK Galaxy Note 2 4g compatable

Thanks for your advice everyone looks likes it is 4g compatible think I will take the plunge its had very good reviews and finally Samsung are doing away with pentile displays on their super amoled hd screens which means hopefully it won't have the blueish tint the GS3 has when displaying whites

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