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Samsung S3 doesn't work in-car, what phones do you recommend for ICE integration?

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. When Samsung upgraded the software to Android Jelly Bean they turned off (broke) the phones ability to dock with a car cradle. This means that audio won't go through the USB port as it previously did and the phone won't charge. That's a FAIL. 

As the other capability I bought the phone for (Dual View with a Samsung TV) has also been removed I'm no longer happy with my Samsung S3 and am considering which phone to get instead. (It's a great looking, highly competant phone...that doesn't actually work for me any more. Such is "progress"). 

Are there any Android phones that come with a good looking (probably original manufacturer) car dock that will do the following:

1) Connect USB for charging and audio (S3 used to do this, now doesn't) via a single connection (ie, place it in the dock and it is connected, you don't have to also plug it in)

2) Allow call audio to be routed to the car stereo BUT take the mic input from the phone mic or mic connected to the dock.

If there are multiple phones that do this (it ought to be common?) then which are the best?

Thank you!