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RE: Nexus 4 now available to order from Google Play

bigboss wrote:

I've ordered the 5XL version of Mofi case for my wife's Nexus 4, for protection when she keeps the phone in her purse, based on these pics:


The case arrived today. Well made, and cheap. Fits Nexus 4 well. I don't think it's for guys though......there's a bead on top to close the case.


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RE: Nexus 4 now available to order from Google Play

Hi Oldboy

I got a replacement within a week & it did the same thing, but found a cure for it, so keeping both as it's Mrs only's birthday in a couple of days, so she now has one too.


If it shuts down & not restarting as mine did, try the following:- Plug the charger into the phone press the ON/OFF button & the minus volume key at the same time for around 10 seconds & release, then unplug the charger & press the ON/OFF button again & it starts up fine. As both phones now have had the same problem just the once & after updating, both running Android Jellybean 4.2.2 without any issues.


I contacted Google originally & their instructions were almost identical except they did not mention unplug from the charger & then try pressing the ON button, they said it should go into the boot loader but it booted straight back into Android after my fiddling.

No complaints about the service from them it was excellent, they went out of the way to be very helpful & i would certainly buy from them again.


Very happy now, it is an excellent phone.


Regards .. Paul.

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