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Issues encountered with Nexus 7

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I've finally setup my Nexus 7 and overall pretty pleased with. Excellent build quality and screen. I decided not to use my fingers for the touchscreen but a stylus instead. Also one feature I really liked was connecting a Bluetooth mouse. I had a brand new spare Microsoft one that has been lying around in its packaging for years as I had no use for it and now finally. I generally use the mouse when using the tablet at home and it makes it a really nice user experience.

A few negative points about the Nexus 7. Overall I'm disappointed by the lack of app support for it. There are very few tablet versions of apps - at least the ones I'm interested in. But my biggest issue was that seemed to be very little widgets that were designed for tablets. I have found some that can be resized which are great eg FInancial Times and Flipboard. I have both of them as full screen widgets. I did find an excellent one which is APW Widgets (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rdr.widgets.core). I use it a Facebook and Twitter widget which is a vast improvement over the original ones which were designed for smartphones.

Also incompatibility with BBC iPlayer. I did install Flash and the iPlayer app manually but it only played the audio. I haven't tried playing it with yet to see if I can get it working. Finally, there seems to be no restart option when pressing the power button. I find this to be a perplexing omission as its present in every version of Android on every smartphone I've owned.