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USB cables

 Hello all,

 I have just bought an Art soundcard for my PC and am looking to upgrade my USB (A to Dirol cable. I have seen suitable cables from Russ Wiliams (£40) and Ixos (£10), but would appreciate a opinion about the quaility of sound from these cables. I am currently using Chord's Cobra 3 cables for my analogue connections, so would like to keep up that sort of sound quality.

 Thanks for looking,





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Re: USB cables

As long as you're sticking to a couple of metres at the very most, a normally specified USB 2.0 cable should be perfectly adequate for your needs. If you think you are experiencing sound problems have you done anything to exclude other components in the system before worrying about the cable? 40 quid seems like a lot for USB cable to me.

Now who's gonna take the mick outa me for that?

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Re: USB cables

Yes, agree with jimwall. USB transmits digital information so theoretically it shouldn't add an 'colour', or 'bass' or anything like that to the ones and zeros it's firing down the wire.

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Re: USB cables

Thank you both for the advice, its good to hear some sound advice that does not sum up into 'spend more money'.

The reason for the soundcard
was both to improve the sound quality of Mp3 playback and to enable
recording onto my PC. It will be interesting to see the difference in
sound (if any) from my current mini jack to phono cable, compared to the soundcard.

Now I must get back to pretending to work (its definitely the day before the xmas holidays).

Thanks again,



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