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Speaker Stands - advice needed

For the last few years I've been using a pair of Atacama speaker stands which I was expecting to last a lifetime, which under normal circumstances they probably would. However, a problem has arisen.
Due to some severe back problems (which are getting progressively worse) I have got to the point where I'm going to have to buy an orthopaedic chair. This is going to leave me sitting about 6 inches higher up than I was previously. It therefore follows that my speakers will need to be 6 inches higher for optimum results.
Am I going to have to buy another pair of stands (I seem to remember they weren't exactly cheap) or is there any other sensible alternative?
Thank you for your time, Steve.

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RE: Speaker Stands - advice needed

You could always raise the stands,perhaps spikes ontop of thick granite tiles?

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RE: Speaker Stands - advice needed

...or you could try it out first and see how it sounds. 

If you have a suspended wooden floor, Granite is a good idea anyway.

What are your speakers?........some "beam" the treble more than others.

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RE: Speaker Stands - advice needed

Rather than raise the stands as suggested it will be cheaper / easier to put a 6" block of wood between speaker and stand. Smile


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