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New in-ears wanted, any recommendations?!

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Looking at getting some new in ear earphones, just had a pair of Klipsch X1's and want to upgrade.Up to £45 max really, although I would obviously prefer to spend in the £30 - £40 region and would only reach the max if it meant they would be much much better.Used primarily for music on my iPod, so a good bass is essential and quite durable as I've been known to handle my earphones roughly. Not too fussed about a remote or mic, although they're always a bonus.Been looking through and seen the pro-media's - Klipsch ProMedia In-Ear Headphones - Metallic Red: Amazon.co.uk: Audio & MP3 - which seem good, but not sure if they would be suitable since they seem to be more for gamers and chat.Any suggestions welcome! Thanks, Chris