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Mounting a Sound bar under a TV

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Just taken delivery of my Panasonic TX-P46GT30


Its going to be wall mounted on a Mountech LED22B Ultra Slim Wall mount, which is needed to articulate the TV if people are sitting away from direct view of the TV when its pushed back against the wall.


I like the idea of the Panasonic SC HTB520 Soundbar to boost the TV's fairly poor audio performance...


However, I don't want to simply wall mount this below the TV, as when the TV is swung away from the wall the viewer won't get the benefit of it


My question therefore is does anyone know of a way of mounting the soundbar to the actual TV, so that it moves with it?







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RE: Mounting a Sound bar under a TV

Hi Pete

Don't know about the Panasonic but the Q Acoustics QAV bar, that I have, has a mounting that swivels with the screen, so it may be possible for you too. Essentially the screen and soundbar are mounted together on one bracket


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RE: Mounting a Sound bar under a TV

I don't know about mounting a Soundbar below the TV but there is a company that makes brackets that allow you to mount a Soundbar speaker above the TV. Check out www.centerstagebracket.com  beauty, eh