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mains cable help please

hi all, i need some help on mains cables.

I have a alpha one cable with a iec end and changed my sub for a q7000 which has a figure 8 connection. I cant use an adaptor as there is not enough room for one can i just change the end of this cable and rewire a figure 8 connection. 

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RE: mains cable help please

Why not give Darren at Clearer Audio a ring and see what he would charge to do the job.....he shouldn't be too sore on you.

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RE: mains cable help please

he would sell me an figure 8 connector its £38 i can buy a new cable for that, but i have found a basic connector for £2 see if that dose the job i think all i need to do is connect the red and blue and not use the earth, if thats right?

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RE: mains cable help please

Hi rapsey,

I might have another solution for you. Feel free to call or email me.

All the best,


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RE: mains cable help please

a new cable from ebay or amazon will be only a few quid and will save you some time and avoid the risks related to DIY electrical work.

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