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Headphone amp

I do most of my listening through my Grado SR60 and my Sennheiser 580s and I was looking for some advice, to see if I should treat myself to a not to expensive headphone amp.  If I did buy one, would there be a significant inprovement in the sound. 

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Re: Headphone amp

It depends - what are you running your headphones from now?

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Re: Headphone amp

  Thank you Andrew for a quick reply.                                                              

Running my phones through the headphone output of my sony mini disc player, which is connected to my Cambridge DAB 500 tuner.


Ed McD


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Re: Headphone amp

I guess you are a classical fan and if I am right you can do a lot worst than get yourself a MF Xcan V3....Warm and natural, they hold a price very well too. For a little cheaper option try Creek OBH or something like that! I couldn't remember may be someone else can! regards

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Re: Headphone amp

Took the plunge and bought a Headroom Total Airhead amp to use with my mp3 players and my Grado SR60 headphones, absolute knock out sound.  You really need to buy one of these small headphone amps to enjoy the sound from any mp3 player.  The other headphone amp I bought is a QED 45, connected to my mini disc recorder.  So all in all,  I am a very happy headphone connected person enjoying my music.  Thank you both for your help and information.


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