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Doesn't fit Sky Box - Wireworld Chroma 6 HDMI Cable - Cost £50 for each Cable

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Hi All, just a note to admit how silly I was . I 'd just bought a new TV   ( Panasonic TX-P55VT30)  and got caught up in buying the best HDMI cable. Unfortunately I spent a lot of money (£100) on two of the above. One's Ok , the other doesn't fit into my Sky Box, it's a loose fitting.  Wireworld will blame the Sky Box I suppose but really think Cable costing that much should at least fit.

I've just read that Cables will now have extra fittings that will 'fit' better.  Too little, too late for me unfortunately. I should've bought cheaper cables that fit better. I should've listened to others that know better and gone with a cheaper Cable that does the job just as well.


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RE: Doesn't fit Sky Box - Wireworld Chroma 6 HDMI Cable

Sorry you're having this problem - i'd take the cables (or at least the one that doesn't fit) back for a full refund, as certainly that one sounds faulty. Sad

The reason I say that is that I'm using a Wireworld Chroma 6 from my Sky box to receiver and it's fine; ditto the versions we use at work - we've found them very robust (important, as we're plugging/unplugging kit a lot).

Does the ill-fitting Wireworld cable fit your other components OK? And what about the free lead that came with your Sky box - does that sit firmly in place? (Just to rule out there being a problem with your Sky box's connector; though as you say one cable fits fine, this is doubtful).

Either way, you've got a cable not fit for purpose; get your money back.


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RE: Doesn't fit Sky Box - Wireworld Chroma 6 HDMI Cable -

I am very sorry to hear about your problem.

It is not clear from your posting the exact nature of the problem i.e. does the other Chroma fit perfectly into your Sky Box or the other Chroma is simply connected to another source.

As Clare has mentioned in her reply, first you need to establish whether there is an issue with the Sky Box connector. Can you please swap the cable you are using for the Sky box with the second Chroma cable and see if the connection is still loose.  Following this, use the cable that you are connecting the Sky box with another source to see the fitting is good.

If the Chroma cable is ill fitting, please take it back to the retailer and request a replacement.

WireWorld cables have a lifetime warranty, so no need to worry!

Any problems call our office and we will arrange a direct replacement for you.

You have not been silly at all. You have purchased an excellent product which will last you a lifetime and hence a ‘Lifetime warranty’.

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RE: Doesn't fit Sky Box

Hi i also use a Wireworld Chroma on my Sky HD Box, actually it was a really great upgrade especially on low bit rate stuff. No connection problems, if its loose in other kit then its clearly the cable. Thats the thing with HDMI cable reviews they tend to primarely focus on HD which should look great anyway, my SD picture has been transformed with the above HDMI and a new mains cable. Happy to watch many things in SD now.


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